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Laughs and Smiles Sticker Set (Set of 5)

Amasi Decor


Introducing our "Laughs and Smiles Sticker Set". This is a delightful collection of five charming stickers that are sure to add a touch of humor and positivity to your day. Each sticker is thoughtfully designed to bring a smile to your face and share a moment of joy with those around you.

This "Laughs and Smiles Sticker Set" is not just a collection of stickers; it's a bundle of joy that spreads positivity and light-heartedness wherever you choose to display them. Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or any surface that could use a little extra happiness. Make every day brighter with these delightful and humorous stickers!


  • Size: 2-4 inches
  • Set of 5 different designs
  • Fun for all ages!

Elaboration on the meaning behind each of those stickers:


  • "Stay Cool, Eat Watermelon" – Symbol of Unity and Resilience: The vibrant colors of the watermelon – red, green, and white – not only mirror the deliciousness within but also mirror the colors of the Palestinian flag. This subtle yet powerful nod serves as a symbol of resilience and unity for the Palestinian people. In the face of challenges, the watermelon becomes a reminder of strength and solidarity, capturing the spirit of a community that persists with hope and determination. So, stay cool, enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and stand in solidarity with the spirit of unity and resilience embodied in this delightful sticker.
  • "SABR" – Cactus of Patience: Meet our cute and meditative cactus, reminding you of the virtue of patience. The word "SABR" is beautifully incorporated, representing both the cactus and the Arabic word for patience. Stick it wherever you need a gentle reminder to stay calm and resilient.
  • "Olive You So Much": Spread love and positivity with this cheerful sticker of a smiling olive oil bottle. The punny phrase "Olive you so much" adds a playful touch, making it a perfect choice for expressing affection and good vibes.
  • "Stay Fresh" – Mint Flower Pot: This sticker features a happy flower pot filled with mint leaves, encouraging you to "Stay Fresh." Place it on your belongings to remind yourself and others to maintain a positive and vibrant attitude.
  • "Don't Fig-et to Pray": Our charming fig holding a prayer rug is a gentle reminder to prioritize prayer. With a smiling face and the clever pun "Don't Fig-et to Pray," this sticker encourages mindfulness and spiritual connection.

Pairs well with our Festive Ramadan Cards (Set of 12) or our Ramadan Celebration Goodie Bags (set of 25)

Customer Reviews

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Chaplain Beatrix

My students LOVE these! I bought them as a treat for my Muslim students during Ramadan, but they are super cute for all year round and I'm going to buy more. Very high quality product and shipped fast, Amasi was very responsive when I had questions. Five stars, will buy again!