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Meet the Team

Founders Suha Dweik and Saja Farrah 

Two Palestinian moms, Suha Dweik and Saja Farrah transformed their childhood traditions into an elegant decor business.

Suha is a mother of two, currently in graduate school for a degree in clinical mental health counseling. Saja is also a mother of two and is working towards her BA in Islamic Studies.

They are both passionate about building the Muslim American identity and initially bonded over wanting to make Ramadan and Eid exciting for all modern-day families.

This love for decorating began in childhood with their mothers who reused retail holiday decorations and DIY-ed their homes for a festive Eid celebration.





With arts and crafts sparking their interest, Suha and Saja set out to fill a gap with their own line of decor. 

When not juggling being entrepreneurs, students, and full-time moms, Suha and Saja enjoy spending time with family, traveling, drinking tea, and reading a good book.